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Top Ten Books of 2013

Man, the new year really snuck up on us there, didn’t it? I feel like it was August like, a month ago. But 2014 gallops apace, and once again I’m going through my review archive and compiling my list of my favorite books from this past year. Loyal readers will note that I have learned from last year and am writing this entry on December 31th, instead of attempting to write a “best of” list on January 1st whilst fighting an angry hangover. Hooray for progress.

As always, the following list contains books that I read in 2013, not books that necessarily came out in that year. Once again, it’s a pretty eclectic list, but I think it represents the scope of my reading this past year. And I’m more or less caught up with my backlog of reviews by now, so this year there is a corresponding review for almost every book on this list. Please enjoy, loyal readers.

Loud Bookish Type’s Ten Favorite Books of 2013, in No Particular Order:

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