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Top Ten Books of 2012

Good morning, darlings. How are your hangovers? Mine is definitely in the “raging” range, so I decided what better time to get on the bandwagon with all the other book bloggers (a day late, but shut up) and present my list of the ten best books I read this year? A quick note: these are, obviously, books that I read in 2012, not books that came out in 2012, and the reasons for placing them on the list are pretty arbitrary. Some are listed, not because I loved them all that much, but because they stuck with me long after I read them. They are a mix of fiction, non-fiction, short stories, etc, because I’m quirky like that. None of these have corresponding reviews on this blog, because I’m still working through my backlog of reviews, so that’s something to look forward to. So without further ado, we present

Loud Bookish Type’s Ten Favorite Books of 2012, in No Particular Order:

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