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Jewels: A Secret History by Victoria Finlay

Jewels: A Secret History

“In the course of my research I found that although, of course, some rare stones have amazing and frightening dynastic tales, every jewel, however small or flawed, has its story: about the earth that was excavated to retrieve it, the families who depended on it, the people who designed the cutting method, those who bought or were given it, and the meanings and properties attributed to it. Whole human, geological, and cultural histories are wrapped up in every stone we wear or desire, even if it is only an imitation. So in one way it is the stones and jewels themselves, hidden in mines and oceans – and occasionally in tombs and wrecks and pirates’ hoards – that are the ‘secrets’ of the subtitle; the other secrets are the cultural layers of meaning and fascination that can always be found wrapped around them.”

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