Loud Bookish Type is One Year Old Today!

Happy birthday to my blog! Also happy birthday to Beyonce – the fact that she and my blog share a birthday is, I believe, a sign from the heavens.

I started this blog a year ago just because I needed a place to store all of my book reviews from Goodreads and didn’t have any plans beyond that. Since then, I’ve amassed some followers (hi guys!) and sort of gotten the hang of WordPress. Now, on the anniversary, I wanted to get some feedback from you, the handful of loyal readers who are interested in my book rantings for some reason. What do you guys like about the blog, and what do you think can be improved? Do you want to see more varied content, similar to the newly-introduced Bookstore Haul posts? For example, I’ve been thinking of adding a new feature where I evaluate movie adaptations of books – is this something you guys would be interested in reading? In short, how can I better serve your book-blog-related needs? Let me know in the comments; I’m going to go eat some cake.


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4 responses to “Loud Bookish Type is One Year Old Today!

  1. Woohoo! Happy anniversary! Our blogs share a birthday month—mine is on the 29th.

    I would love to see more varied content. That movie adaptation feature sounds really wonderful. And if there’s ever anything you want to vlog about (if you feel comfortable doing so!), you’re a very engaging and dry speaker, so I think that would work well.

  2. I’m definitely going to do the movie thing, because I have A LOT of feelings about various movie adaptations. The big thing, I think, will be committing myself to posting schedule of some kind – my blog would be vastly improved if updates occurred less sporadically.

    The vlogs thing is interesting, but frankly I’m too technologically incompetent to do stuff like that. I once had to make a short film for a class in college and the editing process made me want to kill myself.

    • Posting schedules are fantastic things, especially if you go through thick and thin periods of reviewing and like the idea of stockpiling posts for busier periods. (I am a stockpiler. You should see my freezer full of overripe bananas begging to be turned into banana bread.)

  3. I love book/movie reviews! I don’t do enough of them but am obsessed with watching the movie as soon as I finish the book. 🙂

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