The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman


I read this in 7th grade for a book report, and sadly don’t remember much about the story, except that I was pretty lukewarm about it. I remember disliking Lyra a lot, mostly because I thought she was a spoiled brat and generally an unpleasant person. One bit I do remember about the book was how at one point she tells someone a story about how she caught a bird once and wanted to kill and eat it, but then her friend stopped her because he’s a pussy apparently. That pretty much illustrates everything I disliked about Lyra. I’m sure if I re-read the book today I would be kinder towards it, but frankly I’m not interested enough to do that. Sorry guys.

That said, I totally wanted to have a daemon and run wild at Oxford College with my badass explorer uncle. I just didn’t want to do it with Lyra.

Verdict: two out of five stars



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2 responses to “The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman

  1. Lyra can be quite an acquired taste—I think what kids (and adults) enjoy if they like her is that she’s not a good kid. A good person, yes, because she keeps her debts and the like, but her greatest skill is lying, and the narrative occasionally points out how thick Lyra is being. I’ve read it a bit more recently, and there’s one point where even spiteful little Lyra is awed by an older boy smoking outside the college. But perhaps I’m fonder of her because I was a terrible, spiteful child myself.

  2. Revisiting this review, I’m sure I was unfair to Lyra when I read the book as a seventh grader (possibly I was jealous that I was the same age and not nearly so badass). This series is probably due for a re-read one day, and then I’ll see how I feel about Lyra then.

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