The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis

Rather than spend this review explaining what I thought of the book, I will instead devote my time to justifying why, if given the choice, I would rather watch the recent movie adaptation of this than read the original novel again. (put down your rocks, nerds, I still gave this four stars.)

Reasons the Movie Version Is Better:
1. Watching it will take about the same amount of time it takes to read the book, because good Lord does everything get wrapped up quick. We barely recover from the big battle and then boom! It’s all over, time to go home, don’t let the magic door hit your ass on the way out.
2. We actually get to see some real fight scenes, and even though there’s no blood and it’s all very PG, at least it’s not just “There was a battle going on but then Aslan showed up and it was over yay!”
3. The dialogue is considerably less dated and irritating. The kids in the book speak like plummy old British men watching a cricket match in 1800: “‘We’ve fallen on our feet and no mistake,’ said Peter. ‘This is going to be perfectly splendid. That old chap will let us do anything we like.'”  Meanwhile, the movie has lines like this: “Is it Latin for ‘worst game ever invented’?”
4. Aslan becomes much less of a dick when he’s voiced by Liam Neeson. Seriously, Jesus-Lion is kind of a jerk.
5. Since the book is so short (see Reason 1) there’s plenty of time for the film to do justice to everything in C.S. Lewis’s material, and even add some things. For instance, did you know the Pevensie kids actually have a mother? With a face? Shocking, I know.
6. William Mosely is a pretty, pretty boy. Peter the Magnificent, indeed.


Verdict: four out of five stars



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2 responses to “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis

  1. How can I judge you if Anna Popplewell is one of my main draws for the films?

    But yeah, I do enjoy the films over the novels—they take the tactic of treating the children like actual characters (which is why Prince Caspian is enjoyable).

  2. And the little girl who plays Lucy! I adore her.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the draw of the movies (although I haven’t seen Voyage of the Dawn Treader yet) – Prince Caspian, in particular, is vastly superior to the book. I appreciated how they actually gave Caspian a personality (and some unacknowledged sexual tension with Peter – tell me I’m wrong).

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