Prince Caspian by CS Lewis

I’m sorry. I tried really, really hard to prefer the book over the movie, but dammit I just can’t. Maybe it’s because Book Caspian doesn’t really have much of a personality and is just some kid who’s along for the ride during nearly the entire story. Maybe it’s because Aslan is even more of a know-it-all jackass in this one. Maybe it’s the lack of pretty boys having swordfights. (don’t bother making dirty jokes, I’ve already thought of them all) Maybe it was the fact that, once again, the book was so short the filmmakers took it upon themselves to add to the story (full subplots, too, not just little things) and that I actually liked the extra stuff. Maybe it’s just because I should have read the Narnia books when I was a kid and could appreciate them better. Or maybe I just should have read them before I saw the movies. Then again, it could be just that I have a terrible crush on Ben Barnes.

Yeah, it’s probably that.

Verdict: three out of five stars

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