Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells

I don’t care if it’s fluffy chick lit/”look at my dysfunctional family” memoir trash, I still love these characters.  Just read:

“You can’t go anywhere with Mama without things getting nuts. If it’s going along too smooth she will invent something just to stir things up. Sometimes we’ll be downtown shopping and everything’s going normal, and Mama will put her fingers in her mouth and let out the loudest, most piercing whistle you ever heard in your life. Then everyone gets startled and drops what they’re doing and looks around to see where the noise came from. And Mama, she’ll just bend over and pretend to be looking at a pair of shoes.”

“Buggy is terrified of big organizations. She says they’re all in cahoots with each other. For instance, she thinks the Communists have infiltrated the NASA space program to ruin the weather so they can destroy the Catholic church. Every time we have a hurricane, she says, See, what did Buggy tell yall?”

Verdict: three out of five stars


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